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Kipling I & II
Camelot Unit I
Camelot Woods

Esteban Senisais

Vice President:
Sue Shukstor

Natalia Walsh

Heather Hinthorn

Carey Brown
Tony Gavlin
Chris Georgeff
Amanda Kelly
Kevin Sauerwein
Michael Strle
Lynn Wright


Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of Sep., Nov., Jan., Mar. and May.


May News

Summer is around the corner. The weather is lovely and our plants and weeds have been loving the rain. As always, keep your speed down as you enter and drive through the neighborhood. We need to keep everyone safe as they walk and bike in our streets. Stop signs are there for a reason. STOP. The corner of Knyghtwood and Cannock Chase is one area to be alerted to. There are many children playing in that area and the Stop sign is little. We hope to get a bigger one soon. Make sure you stop there.

The election of board members took place at the May 17th meeting. We welcome Tony Gavlin to the board. He will be a great asset. Thanks, Tony.

The Easter Egg event was great. It was good to see the Easter Bunny and the smiling children. Thanks Mary and Deb for chairing this event.

Have a great summer and for those who faithfully pay their yearly dues, we thank you.

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